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Install Parrot Security OS on VMware ( The Hacker OS)

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The Hacker's OS (Parrot OS)

Full Guide to install Parrot OS watch the video tutorial or step by step installation.

Pre Requirements is install the VM ware workstation and Download the Parrot ISO file.

                                         Steps to Install Parrot Security OS on VMware

1 : Create a New Virtual Machine

2 : Select Typical (recommended) once the New Virtual Machine Wizard appears

3 : Browse for ISO Image as Parrot-full-1.8_i386.iso or Full edition.

4 : Installer disc image file (iso) :

5 : Select a Guest Operating System as Debian 6

6 : Name the Virtual Machine : Debian 6 and Location as your preferred one

7 : Split virtual disk into multiple files with Max disk size (GB): 8.0

8 : Finish

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