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Secure your Office and Home Network

Secure your Home and Office Network full Assistance Services

 Now Days Kids and office employes reveal your confidential data online or access restricted  Sites Such as Adult sites or social sites in a office.
If you establish a new office or having a office, it's hard to give full security assurance and  monitoring all the surf and other info for each and every system. 

But don't worry THG Security Assistance give you range of flexibility service packages.

We have large scale of clients which we already giving assistance to them to help them secure from hackers and other confidential threats. We have flexibility of service packages choose it wisely which fits to you in best practices.

What we do ?

We provide home door Assistance as well as online assistance to you, safe your home network office network and other network as well.

We provide safer browsing, log monitoring, safer wireless network, system security and threats analysis, safe confidential data, Prevention from data leakage, Website Security, Content filtering , Assistance door step  and many more....

Why Choose us?

Today a 16 year old kid can hack your data and leak your privacy and can hack your network office system as well as, a employee can leak your data and you can not prevent if your employee to do so but yes you can safe your network your data that no body can hack or leak.

Now days you can safe yourself from hackers but can not safe yourself data leakage which can be done by your insider employee.

So we make you secure from both side, we have a flexibility range of service package which can easily fit in your pocket.

Who we are?

  • THG which is known as The Hacking Guide who provide Ethical hacking Courses and give a chance to become a Security Expert. 
  •  Security Assistance to your company from well experienced IT Security Expert. 
  • Training Certification on Security courses.
  • IT Security Assistance to door step or online.
  • Have wide range of Service packages.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker and Security Expert will provide you door step security Assistance  to you.

Our packages & Services:

=>> Certified Ethical Hacking training Program.

Our Services:

==> Home & Office System Level Security Pack (Monthly/Annually)

==> Home & Office System and Network Level Security Pack (Monthly/Annually)

==>  Office System & Network+Website Security Level Pack (Monthly/Annually)

Contact us : 

Mail to: vineet_official@hotmail.com
Leave a comment below we will contact you.