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How to Set Up IPjetable (VPN Service) on Windows 7/8/10

Hello Readers

I'm Going to Demonstrate You on Setting up IPjetable (VPN Service) on Windows Today

Before Demonstration , I'd like to talk briefly about IPjetable (VPN Service).

So , IPjetable is basically a software that deals with the service of VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network
which actually extends the functionality of the Private Network to the Publicly Accessible to Any Global Network. It helps in Transferring and Communication of Data between each other as if it was Virtually Connected to the Private Network of other Network. It also provides Security , Management and Various other functionalities to the Web Application running on it .

VPN also guaranties functionality like Anonymous Web Browsing & Deep Packet Inspection to their end users securely and privately for the purpose of protecting personal identity and location. However, some Internet sites block access to known VPN technology to prevent the circumvention of their geo-restrictions. It is created by setting up P2P connection virtually by dedicated connections , virtual tunnelling protocols, or traffic encryption.

IPjetable is a ready made VPN service provider for complete privacy for end user and provides fully remote access facility which helps in connecting two or more devices simultaneously with one another which basically lets the end user easily connect to the VPN through smartphones and any device with no cost at all. It anonmizes the private data of end users by using tunnelling protocol services with encryption techniques. It also offers the end users the unlimited download speed especially for online streaming and full support of two most popular VPN protocols, namely PPTP and OpenVPN.

So , Are you ready to enjoy the awesome service of IPjetable VPN

Let's Get Started

01. Navigate to https://ipjetable.net/

02. Click on the Register for Registration

03. Use https://mytemp.email/ for Temporary Email ID

Note : You need to register yourself with different Email Addresses for IPJetable VPN service
           Don't use your original Email Address ( It's not gonna work at all )

04.  You'll Receive a E-Mail Regarding Registration Now

05.  Keep Both of Your Username And Password Somewhere in Your Notepad etc
06.  Visit http://free-proxy.xyz/ and Paste the URL to the Text Field and Unblock it

07.  Type your Password into the PasswordField and Log in to the IPJetable VPN Website

08.  Open up your Network and Internet Settings / Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel

09.  Open up your Set up a new connection or network which will bring you the dialog box
10.  Double Left Click on Connect to a workplace
11.  Create a new Connection from the Connect to a workplace dialog box

12.  Click on "Use my Internet connection (VPN)

13.  Type the Internet address to connect to i.e. pptp.ipjetable.net with Destination name : IPJetable
14.  Click on the Next Button

15.  Type your following user name and password which you received from the E-Mail
16.  Click on the Connect Button

17.  Wait for the VPN Connection

18.  Done

Thank you

I Hope you love the Awesome Service of IPJetable VPN

Happy Surfing
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