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How to run Multiple Account in same phone or any android device

How to run Multiple Account in same phone or any android device.

Want to run two accounts of any app in a single Android Device (such as; Two whatsapp accounts on single android device, Hike, We Chat, Instagram etc.) without using any kind of unofficial version of these apps. So, now we have something for you all to manage such issues. There is an app named Parallel Space available on Google Play Store, we will show you how to use this app to run two different accounts in any app in your Android Devices.

·         At first click on the link (Parallel Space.apk) to download the application in your Android devices.
·         After downloading the app install it in your Devices.
·         After installing the app, just you first need to install the application in your device of which you need to make two accounts. Or another instance in your device. (In our tutorial we have been using Instagram)
·         Once you installed that app make your first account in that app.
·         Now we just need to open Parallel Space app and Click on the + icon to add your app to Parallel Space
·         Next just tap on the more button to open the list of apps and find your app of which you want another account. And tap on that app to install the another copy of that app in your android device.( this installation of copy of that app doesn’t need internet connection you can do that offline also.) 
·         This was all you need to do for now, now parallel space will start cloning that particular app for you.
·         Wait for parallel space to clone your particular application, once it is done launch your app from the installed apps list in parallel space as shown below and use that cloned app to make the second account in your android device. (The cloned app in your devices will be shown with the name of parallel space)

That’s all now enjoy multiple accounts of your favorite apps in a single android device using PARALLEL SPACE

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